My Journey

Why I do what I do

Hi, I’m Gina Odom, coach and owner of GO Movement Therapy. Welcome to my website.

Take a look around and learn how movement therapy can help you REDISCOVER movement with ease. I suspect you are here looking for a way to feel and move better.

If you’re like most people who spend hours sitting at a desk or looking down at your phone, you are feeling the effects of these positions and are having pain, tightness and stiffness in your neck and back. Maybe you are here because you have persistent pain that hasn’t gone away and is limiting your movement and the things you love to do. Maybe you are a golfer with low back pain, a tennis or pickleball player with elbow pain. Maybe you have tried a chiropractor, physical therapy, yoga or online stretching programs on your own and nothing has made a significant difference. Maybe you have a business or manage a team and you have noticed the toll sitting and lack of movement has taken on your employees’ posture and productivity.

Whatever your situation the limitations you have likely stem from poor body alignment and lack of healthy movement patterns.

How I Rediscovered Pain Free Movement

Before I discovered my passion for health, wellness and movement, I spent many hours at a desk doing computer work. My body adapted to this with slumped posture, rounded shoulders and arched mid back. My stretching, workouts and activities began resulting in more pain challenges such as sore knees, back, neck and shoulders. I had mid back pain when walking. My golf game suffered as well due to my body’s inability to move properly. I had bunions forming on my feet. My body was feeling the effects of poor posture and movement patterns.  I was also having other health challenges of my own and decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I started with better nutrition and more movement. I began to see improvements in my health over the next several years and this led me to pursuing the Holistic Lifestyle Coaching certification through the CHEK Institute in 2012. I knew I wanted to help not only myself, but others as well. On the movement side, I continued to learn better ways to move, but it wasn’t until I was introduced to The Egoscue Method in 2017 that all the pieces came together. I did postural therapy for myself and discovered how my skeletal alignment from years of sitting to the long-term impacts of a broken foot in 2009 was causing my pain and how my movement patterns were still not ideal to support an active healthy life. This therapy had a huge impact on my personal challenges. It was a perfect fit in my passion for health, wellness and movement. I received my Postural Alignment Specialist certification from the Egoscue Institute in 2019.  Before starting GO Movement Therapy, I spent 16 months working in a clinic setting with Egoscue helping clients relieve pain and movement challenges. I was fortunate to work with many golfers and in order to further my knowledge and skills I received the Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 certification in 2020.

I love seeing my clients learn, grow and become stronger. I understand that everyone learns differently and has a unique relationship with their body, pain and movement. I will challenge you to find your limitations to healing (posture, movement, diet, habits and thoughts). My mission is simple. I am here to educate and empower by teaching you how to create and sustain transformation in your body, mind and movement patterns to reverse pain and limitations for a new, healthier, resilient way of moving and living – to THRIVE in life.

Today, I enjoy a healthy, pain free movement rich life. My journey has given me the knowledge and tools to own my own wellness and to teach others how to do the same. In my free time you can find me enjoying my daily movement practice, golfing, hiking, pickleball, kayaking and reading.